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Shannon Martin

Shannon is a single mom living in Palm Desert, Ca. Having Experience with Alcohol addiction in her family she is passionate about writing about how to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Today To Start You On The Path To A Better Tomorrow

If you are reading this then you either suspect you have a problem, or you know you have a problem. If your family and friends have confronted you about your habit, or you self-recognize that there is a problem, you need to contact us today. You can't get the help you need if you just keep putting it off. How many people do you think are out there that promised themselves that they would call next week and that would be the day they change their lives for the better. How many people out there do you think thought this to themselves only to die from an overdose before that day came. Or what if that day came and they made an excuse why it wasn't the right time to quit. The right time to quit and beat your addiction is right now, and if you contact us we can help you.